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The Atherosclerosis Research Unit (ARU) at the University of Southern California (USC) under the direction of Dr. Howard N. Hodis, M.D. has been recognized as a leading center for atherosclerosis research and its prevention for over 40 years. The broad research efforts of the ARU delve into the dynamics of atherosclerosis, the thickening and narrowing of the arteries that significantly increases an individual’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

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ARU 2015 Branches CRC (2)
The Clinical Research Center (CRC) serves as a bridge between basic scientific discovery and the Atherosclerosis Research Unit (ARU) clinical research programs. The CRC conducts a […more]

ARU 2015 Branches CRL (2)
The ARU Core Research Laboratory provides analytical support for clinical trials conducted at ARU as well as clinical projects for others institutions. The laboratory serves as […more]

ARU 2015 Branches CIRC (2)
The mission of the Core Imaging and Reading Center (CIRC) is to advance the development of widely used arterial imaging methodology and technology to produce accurate and […more]

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