Juliana Hwang-Levine, Pharm.D

My name is Juliana, I was born in Taipei (Taiwan) and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I attended the University of São Paulo majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences specializing in Biochemistry and acquired a Pharm.D. degree. I currently hold a Assistant Professor of Research Medicine position at the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine.

Professionally I am interested in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the mechanisms behind it. My research interests in atherosclerosis address many issues involving a basic understanding of mechanisms in the prevention of atherosclerosis development at the vascular wall, with an emphasis in clinical implications and translational research. Furthermore, translate the results of clinical trials to basic research.

I am also the director of the Core Research Laboratory at the Atherosclerosis Research Unit (ARU), Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Keck School of Medicine. This lab is CDC and CLIA certified and provides analytical support for clinical trials conducted at ARU as well as clinical projects for others institutions.

Through the years I authored and co-authored many publications in the area of both basic and clinical aspect of atherosclerosis. I am very privileged in being part of ARU and being able to share all the accomplishments. Moreover, my enthusiasm towards research and wanted to find prevention that affects such a huge population worldwide does not cease. I truly believe in the cause of ARU.

Yes, I have a life besides my passion for research. I love cooking and baking and creating new recipes. My husband is my biggest fan, but do not take me wrong, he can be very critical too. I like gardening, eating out, travelling, reading (not only scientific papers) and writing about my cooking/baking experiences. I do speak a few languages besides English: Portuguese, Mandarin, Hakka (Chinese dialect) and some Spanish since it is so close to Portuguese.

If you have any question about me or ARU please feel free to contact me at julianah@usc.edu, I will be more than happy to get back to you.