Jan St. John, MPH

I am Jan, before I came to ARU in 2000, I worked at the University of Washington (UW) on a research project where I interviewed and administered cognitive tests to participants; it was also at UW that I received a Master of Public Health degree. This experience along with my educational background qualifies me to do the work that I currently do at ARU as a Project Specialist, which is cognitive testing, writing and assisting with manuscripts and performing statistical analysis on the cognitive data that is collected.

I was inspired to work in the area of research because I have a curious mind and wanted to play a part in solving public health problems. I am interested in cognition and healthy aging, to name but a few. While at ARU I have been given the opportunity to explore areas of my interest by researching and writing about them, and while it is not strength of mine, I have gained considerable amount of experience and knowledge in statistical analysis and programming. Even though I have tested hundreds of people, I never tire of it, because people and how they utilize their cognitive strengths in their vocation or other aspects of their lives, fascinates me.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about design and architecture, listening to classical music, studying, observing and hearing about all aspects of child development, being outside in natural surroundings and of course, spending time with my family (which includes one of each: husband, son, cat).