ELITE – Primary Trial Results

We here at ARU are very pleased to share the findings of the primary trial ELITE which was published on March 31, 2016 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In summary, in ELITE (Early versus Late Intervention Trial with Estradiol) trial, we examined the effects of estradiol on atherosclerosis in women who were within 6 years of menopause and in women who were 10 years beyond menopause. We found that women who were within 6 years of menopause and who were randomized to receive estradiol had a reduction (slowing) in the progression of atherosclerosis compared to women who were given placebo.

In the group of women who were more than 10 years beyond menopause, we found no difference in atherosclerosis progression between women who were randomized to receive estradiol and placebo. Our ELITE trial results indicate that earlier initiation of estradiol within 6 years of menopause has the potential for reducing the progression of atherosclerosis.

On behalf of our entire ARU team, we would like to take the opportunity and thank all the participants involved in ELITE. ELITE was a landmark trial that has provided important scientific information heretofore unanswered.

For more details of the ELITE trial please read HERE.

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